Focus On Infinity is an independent company dedicated to art of filmmaking and photography.

Our clients include fashion and luxury brands, art organisations, creative agencies and public event creators.

We work in motion, stills, crafting stories or portaiting events, from concept development through to execution and completion.

Founded in 2012, by Lukasz Cholewiak and Hektor P Kowalski - TeamAnamorphic is a group of creatives,  that investigate new, engaging way of storytelling.


Lukasz Cholewiak - is a filmmaker and photographer specialising in short documentaries and NGO advertorials. Lukasz is an expert of a fieldwork, involved in shoots around the globe - documenting the Yolanda typhoon report from Philippines, field visiting Lesotho, Laos, Bhutan, the Indian Himalayas and Italian Alps, He has been working with organisations and media agencies including UNICEF, Save The Children, Cafod, Guardian and The Telegraph.

Hektor P. Kowalski - is an art director, filmmaker and visual artist - specialising in experimental forms and interested in projects with non-conventional narratives. His portfolio includes short films, theatrical features as well as underground fashion editorials, photo-reportages and digital design projects.  Clients and collaborators include: Serpentine, Tate, Guildhall School of Music, Mahogany Opera Group, Victoria Miro, Shooting People, London Fashion Week and many more.